Compact your trash and Save. 
Maximize the dumpsters capacity by eliminating wasted air space.
Serving West Michigan

Servicing any open top 20, 30 or 40 yard dumpsters. 

We can compact any material except concrete or thick steel

Reduce is a cost savings mobile service for open top roll-off dumpsters. We maximize the amount of open space in your dumpster and reduce the frequency you need it hauled away. This saves you money! Seeing is believing! Call today for a free demo. 616-450-8573

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Reduce Dumpster is:

  • A per time, on-call service
  • Maximizing the dumpsters capacity by smashing and compacting the trash inside the dumpster
  • A fraction of the cost of a haul away
  • Saving customers money on overall trash expenses 

We Are Not:

  • Touching or damaging the dumpster 
  • A Trash Company
  • A Dumpster Rental Company
  • A Trash Hauler
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